Hugo Chavez Wants a Bolivarian Bomb

President Hugo Chavez said at the recent ALBA summit in Cochabamba, Bolivia that Bolivarian Venezuela “never will make an atomic bomb.” (The exact words in Spanish were “Venezuela jamás hará una bomba atomica.”)

Chavez is mind-numbingly bombastic and verbose. But he is also very precise. Chavez said Venezuela will “never make” – i.e. build – a nuclear weapon.

Of course, Chavez would never admit his ambition to possess nuclear weapons. That would be supremely stupid, which Chavez is not.

But Cuban leader Fidel Castro has been mentoring Chavez since the two first met in person at Jose Marti International Airport in Havana on 13 December 1994. And Fidel has always hankered to own nuclear weapons.

Chavez also has a very close strategic and personal alliance with Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who aggressively denies that Iran is developing nuclear weapons capabilities, insists that Iran’s nuclear program is only for peaceful purposes, and menacingly defends Iran’s “rights” to develop a native nuclear industry.

Chavez understands completely that the first rule of any despot or rogue state seeking to acquire nuclear weapons capability is “deny, deny, deny…”

But close Chavez ally Iran is almost at the point where it will have everything required to build nuclear weapons.

Iran also has impressive ballistic missile capabilities, thanks to other peace-loving states (and friends of Chavez) like China, Russia and North Korea.

And Chavez has several bilateral defense and security agreements in place with Tehran.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry charged in May 2009 that Venezuela and Bolivia are “selling” uranium to Iran.

Just a few weeks ago, Basic Industries and Mines Minister Rodolfo Sanz unwisely admitted that Iran is “helping” Venezuela prospect for uranium deposits in Bolivar state.

This Bolivarian/Iranian uranium program was vox populi in Venezuela for years before Sanz admitted the obvious.

Chavez went ballistic, and then Science and Technology Minister Jesse Chacon made things worse by clarifying that it was the Russians, not the Iranians, who were helping the Bolivarian regime look for uranium.

The Medvedev/Putin and Chavez regimes have an explicit nuclear cooperation agreement. France also reportedly wants to support the Chavez regime’s peaceful nuclear development program. Anything for a profit, Monsieur.

Chavez says that Venezuela has a right to its own nuclear power industry because the country’s crude oil and gas reserves won’t last forever. But Chavez also says Venezuela has over 315 bn bls of certified crude oil reserves and will soon be recognized as the world’s fourth largest gas power. Typical Bolivarian double-speak.

Caracas Gringo’s friend, the brilliant and sorely missed Dr. Constantine Menges, predicted almost seven years ago, in 2002, that as Chavez consolidated/expanded his power he would seek to acquire nuclear weapons capability as a deterrent against the United States and to menace neighbors like Colombia, Trinidad & Tobago – and, of course, Brazil.

The closer Iran comes to building nuclear weapons, the closer Chavez gets to clandestinely acquiring a nuclear device or two.

A Venezuelan-based nuclear deterrent in Bolivarian hands would fundamentally alter the landscape on which states like Iran, Russia, China and others are challenging the US globally.


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7 Responses to Hugo Chavez Wants a Bolivarian Bomb

  1. RWG says:

    Chavez and his cronies have not denied or affirmed that Venezuela is shipping uranium to Iran. Why doesn’t Chavez make a statement if it is not true? Chavez can lie. He lies all the time.
    The reason is that Chavez and Amindinajad want it to be secret. Venezuelan uranium is going to Iran. No other conclusion is possible.


  2. revbob22 says:

    Just because the US has not released any information is not indicative of anything at this stage. They may or may not have proof, satellite or otherwise.

    What is true, is that ACCESS DENIED is the mantra down southern Bolivar way.

    What is also very likely true, is that nothing would please Mr. Chavez more than to own, or purport to own, several packages of very nasty boom.

    Imagine these, in the hands of Mr. 3 minute showers and where’s the ray gun aircraft that makes it rain at.

    I think it is naive to assume that Russian or Iranian “advisers” are simply helping Venezuela discover and catalog deposits of strategic materials “cuz we’re good panas”.

    And as for the statement by Israel, most of the time they call the burro black because they have a fistful of hair in their hands.


    • Hugo Groening says:

      I appreciate your comments, but I cannot act only on my “perception” of intentions. I am a scientist. It would please me one heck of a lot if such claim could be proven beyond doubt, as it would strengthen the conviction -worldwide-, that all chacumbele cares about is his own power, and that he’s not only a threat to venezuelans, but also to the rest of the World. Unfortunately though, perception and suspicion do not constitute proof. We must go beyond allegations. If israeli intel has such evidence, let them lay it out in the open. Maybe it’s just a matter of time. We shall see.


    • revbob22 says:

      You are correct, of course, Mr. Groening, in that we wish to actually see the burro’s hair too.


  3. Hugo Groening says:

    In this article, you remind your readers that:

    “Israel’s Foreign Ministry charged in May 2009 that Venezuela and Bolivia are “selling” uranium to Iran.”

    The problem with this statement is that Uranium mining is very easy to detect, as most of it is done by “open pit” procedures. Whatever the method used, the amount of tailings left over would also be massive, radioactive and, therefore, easy to detect. For these reasons, I personally don’t believe that, at this stage, Venezuela is supplying Uranium to Iran. I have no doubt that it would if it could, but I don’t think that there is any evidence of such claim at this point. Also, too many people would be involved to keep the matter secret. I assume that there is a fair amount of exploration being done now, but this in principle would be easy as a fair amount of potential deposits could be detected by airborne methods.


    H. Groening


    • Knight says:

      I respectfully disagree. You should take a tour around the Southern part of Estado Bolivar, and talk to some of the residents there, they will tell you that for a few years now there has been no civilian access to some parts of Gran Sabana, residents have been displaced, and some strange going ons are commonplace. You’re right aboout the detectability of uranium deposits and mining, but who says they’re not currently extracting and shipping? The Israelis are not dumb and I think when they release such a statement, is because they’re well documented and informed.


    • Hugo Groening says:

      Thank you for your comments. I am aware about the “strange going ons” in Southern Bolivar State. It all started, I believe, with the expulsion from the country of the New Tribes missions. My point is that there is not -as yet-, publicized evidence of uranium exploitation in Venezuela. I respect Israeli intelligence, but, as I said before, I cannot assume the claim is true, until the evidence is clearly brought into light. This means that the precise spots where this activity is purportedly being carried out, are well identified. Also, I would think that the size of such operations would be large enough for satellite detection. The US Government, however, has not released any information regarding the matter either.


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