Bolivarian Revolution by Diplomatic Pouch

President Hugo Chavez is spreading the Bolivarian revolution regionally by diplomatic pouch.

For years, the Chavez regime has distributed huge sums of hard currency and other logistics support materials used by extremist groups to corrupt and destabilize democratically elected governments which are not aligned with the Caracas/Havana axis.

Chavez routinely violates Article 27 of the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations by using the diplomatic immunity rights accorded to diplomatic pouches to corrupt government officials, finance extreme leftist parties and militant groups, and fund social and political instability in Panama, Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Paraguay, Uruguay, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Mexico and Honduras, among others.

The Kirchners of Argentina have become multi-millionaires thanks to their alliance with Chavez, who financed President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s presidential election campaign in 2007.

Bolivian President Morales still dresses down, but the financial patronage of Chavez has made Morales a very wealthy man. Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa also has become visibly more prosperous since he climbed aboard the Chavez-funded Bolivarian Alternative of the Americas (ALBA).

Former President of Honduras Manuel Zelaya is also an example of the corrupting power of the Chavez regime. Officials of the interim government that replaced him last June claim to have evidence that Zelaya pocketed millions of dollars in official Bolivarian aid from caracas.

Another good example is Zelaya’s Foreign Minister, Patricia Rodas, who reportedly has purchased over $40 million of real estate in Honduras since Zelaya sold his soul, and his country’s democracy, to Chavez.

Indigenous violence in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru over the past eight years was funded via Bolivarian diplomatic pouches dispatched from the Casa Amarilla in Caracas to Venezuelan diplomatic missions in other Latin American countries.

Military/civilian intelligence sources in Quito, Lima, La Paz and Tegucigalpa tell Caracas Gringo that violent indigenous and leftist militant groups in their respective countries are funded by the Chavez regime via Venezuela’s diplomatic missions.

Besides cash, these extremist groups have received telecommunications and radio equipment shipped via diplomatic pouches from Venezuela, according to these sources.

Bolivarian intelligence officers embedded as commercial and political attaches in Venezuelan diplomatic missions also provide direct strategic, political and tactical support to extremist militant groups in countries not aligned with ALBA.

The regional destabilization/subversion program which is being run clandestinely through the Chavez regime’s Foreign Ministry is supported actively by political/strategic/tactical advisers Cuban advisers in Caracas where the Castro regime’s intelligence service (DGI) has a major presence.

It is also supported by Cuban DGI officers who are embedded in Cuban and Venezuelan diplomatic missions in the region.

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2 Responses to Bolivarian Revolution by Diplomatic Pouch

  1. Knight says:

    This is nothing new. That info was given to the right people in the right places five years ago, but I guess it got lost in bureaucracy.

    However, I do hope a dossier is being put together somewhere on this planet, I cannot fathom so much crap being ignored, and refuse to believe it’s being ignored.

    And, when “El Rey” shows the world his new nuclear toy we might finally see the US bureaucrats paying attention to the grapevine, but then of course it will be too late.

    “Cuando el rio suena, es porque piedras trae”


  2. Roy says:

    It certainly makes sense to use Dip Pouch for these kinds of transfers (the Vienna Accords notwithstanding), but it begs the question: Why did they use non-Diplomatic couriers for the cash that was sent to Argentina for Cristina Kirchner’s campaign (the infamous “Maletin”)? Did they just get careless?

    Also, I hate to sound cynical, but the embedding of intelligence officers in diplomatic missions “business as usual” for every country in the world.

    As for the rest, I think everyone who is “in the know” already knows about all of the corruption and manipulations. In fact, I am sure that documented proof for most of it exists. The real question is why doesn’t the U.S. and the rest of the world use that proof to expose Chavez for what he his?


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