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BCV Law Reforms: A Bailout for Bolibourgeois Bankers

The National Assembly tossed a desperately needed life raft to the floundering financial fortunes of corrupt Bolivarian “bankers” like Ricardo Fernandez Barrueco, Arne Chacon Escamilla, and Pedro Torres Ciliberto, among others. The assembly also guaranteed the rising fortunes of favored … Continue reading

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A Black Swan Called Guri?

“A Black Swan is a highly improbable event with three principal characteristics: It is unpredictable; it carries a massive impact; and, after the fact, we concoct an explanation that makes it appear less random, and more predictable, than it was. … Continue reading

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Illuminating the Bolivarian Revolution

President Hugo Chavez declared in Cochabamba on 17 October that Repsol YPF’s huge gas find in the Gulf of Venezuela’s Cardon IV Block – between 8 trillion and 10 trillion cubic feet – soon will “illuminate all of Venezuela.” But … Continue reading

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Hugo Chavez Wants a Bolivarian Bomb

President Hugo Chavez said at the recent ALBA summit in Cochabamba, Bolivia that Bolivarian Venezuela “never will make an atomic bomb.” (The exact words in Spanish were “Venezuela jamás hará una bomba atomica.”) Chavez is mind-numbingly bombastic and verbose. But … Continue reading

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Bolivarian Revolution by Diplomatic Pouch

President Hugo Chavez is spreading the Bolivarian revolution regionally by diplomatic pouch. For years, the Chavez regime has distributed huge sums of hard currency and other logistics support materials used by extremist groups to corrupt and destabilize democratically elected governments … Continue reading

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Bolivia’s Bolivarian Bingo Czar

Ramon Rodriguez Chacin reportedly is a multi-millionaire potentate in Bolivia’s bingo gaming industry thanks to his business partnership with Luis Nolberto Clavijo Castro. Luis Nolberto Clavijo Castro is an alleged Bolivian government intelligence official who played a still-unclear role in … Continue reading

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Caribbean alarm grows over Venezuela drug trafficking

The clandestine flights originate from an area of eastern Venezuela which lies to the east of Maturin and Tucupita, near the Orinoco River Delta. The small aircraft fly towards the Atlantic Ocean, with Trinidad & Tobago on the port side … Continue reading

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Janissaries or Mercs?

President Hugo Chavez continues to consolidate his control. The National Assembly has approved a new armed forces law that merges the civilian militia into the regular armed forces, and also allows foreign nationals to serve in the Venezuelan military. Separately, … Continue reading

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Hay Chavez pa’ rato!

Skyping with a friend, who says: “There’s a group of brujos/psychics and seers who claim that fatman’s days as big boss are over by the end of this year.” There’s never any shortage of scenarios on how and when the … Continue reading

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Bolivarian Bankers can ignore the rules

We settled down for a little light Sunday reading – the just-published externally audited financial statements which Venezuelan banks are required by law to publish every six months. The financials are available to the general public at the Asociacion Bancaria … Continue reading

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