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April 2002: The Untold History

A reader requested some details of the self-coup instigated by President Hugo Chavez in 2001-2002, which we mentioned in a recent post. The official Bolivarian history of April 11, 2002 says that Pedro Carmona, Carlos Ortega and others in the … Continue reading

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FARC-Hezbollah and Hugo Chavez

FARC’s second-in-command Raul Reyes was killed by a Colombian air strike on 1 March, 2008 in northern Ecuador. Colombian forces deployed to repatriate the longtime narco-terrorist’s corpse to Colombia also captured laptops/hard drives which yielded many thousands of pages of … Continue reading

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The Rise of Bolivarian Organized Crime

Corruption has been endemic to Venezuela’s political institutions for decades. However, under President Hugo Chavez, corruption in Venezuela has exploded to new heights never experienced before in the country’s history. Chavez received a hollowed-out, institutionally weakened state when he assumed … Continue reading

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