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Kicking Bolivarian Butt in Bariloche

President Hugo Chavez emerged from the day-long Unasur summit in Bariloche in full-spin mode. The summit fulfilled everyone’s expectations, Chavez told reporters clustering around him. Everyone had “a space to say what each wished to say.” Chavez described the meeting … Continue reading

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Bolivarians in Bariloche

President Hugo Chavez fancies himself a warrior, a Bolivarian warlord, a great Venezuelan military historian and strategist. However, here’s the truth: Hugo Chavez has never commanded troops in actual combat anywhere. Chavez talks a mean fight, but throughout his life … Continue reading

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Antonieta, Bobolongo and Banco Confederado

Banco Confederado, the insolvent bank owned nominally by Ricardo Fernandez Barrueco, has purchased over $744 million of “national treasury assets” (“activos de tesoreria nacional”) within the past 10 days, roughly. The precise nature of those national treasury assets remains unknown. … Continue reading

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Taking Marciano Seriously

Marciano (aka Grima Wormtongue aka JVR) is required reading for anyone interested in the Chavez regime’s darkest and most dangerous notions. Marciano has served Chavez since 1999 as foreign minister, then defense minister and finally as vice-president. President Chavez reportedly … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Bolivarian and Cuban Organized Crime

Cuba is suffering an economic crisis so severe that the island nation has run out of toilet paper, according to recent news reports. Another recent news report from Miami said the Cuban regime is getting about $5 billion a year … Continue reading

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US-Colombia close a base rights deal

Colombian and US officials will wrap up negotiations this weekend in Washington, DC on an agreement allowing US military counternarcotics forces to use seven military bases in Colombia including three air bases, two navy bases and two army bases. “God … Continue reading

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Godgiven’s Bolivarian Bankers

Banco Confederado, Banpro, Bolivar Banco: These three banks form part of the Grupo Bolivar whose majority stakeholder of record is Ricardo Fernandez Barrueco. Baninvest, Central Banco Universal and Banco Real: The majority owners of record are the banking partnership of … Continue reading

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