Hubba Hubba, Bubba!

Who's your papi?

Who's your papi?

Former President Bill Clinton visited Buenos Aires a few days ago to promote his Clinton Global Initiative foundation, a charitable organization whose financial donors include Arab billionaires, among others.

President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and hubby Nestor Kirchner, who runs his political and business affairs out of the presidential residence, showed the former US president and spouse of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a really good time, including a night behind closed doors at the Cocodrilo Cabaret.

Nestor took Bill to the Cocodrilo for an all-boys night out on the town…and what a night it was!

But the mainstream US news media pretty much ignored the story, maybe because Bill’s passion for all women is old news over a decade after idiot Republicans tried to impeach him for lying about getting a Lewinski in the Oval Office.

Anyway, the Cocodrilo bills itself as the classiest “cabaret” in Argentina and all of South America. In Washington, D.C. or Miami the Cocodrilo would be called a “sports bar” or “adult club.” Basically, it’s a high class (i.e. very expensive) strip club and titty bar frequented mostly by men – a place a guy can get a grinding lap dance or hire a “private” booth or cubicle for personalized shows.

It’s unclear who paid the tab, but the Cocodrilo was exclusively contracted for part of the evening by Nestor Kirchner, Bill and gang, including Buenos Aires Governor Daniel scioli, Cabinet Chief Sergio Massa, Federal Planning Minister Julio De Vido, various unnamed “businessmen” and “officials” of the US Embassy in Buenos Aires.

The club was closed so no one would take unauthorized photographs of Bill getting a private show from a woman reputed to be one of Argentina’s hottest adult dance stars. (Were all cell phones confiscated at the door for the duration of Bill’s private show?)

However, if Nestor Kirchner picked up the tab, it would be gracious indeed if Bill were to send President Hugo Chavez a handwritten thank you note.

After all, President Chavez at a minimum has given the Kirchners personally well over $10 million in cash, according to various news reports since 2005 – and Bill’s private show at the Cabaret probably cost at least $25,000.

As Cocodrilo’s star dancer Andrea Rincón tells the story, Bill saw her in the VIP part of the Cocodrilo and personally chose her to give him a “private” striptease and erotic dance.

“They paid me very well for the show, in US dollars,” the happy babe told a Buenos Aires entertainment news outlet. You go, girl!

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  1. Charly says:

    Like the Secretary of State said once: “hard dog to keep on the porch.”


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