Remembering Pierre

Pierre Fould Gerges was assassinated on June 2, 2008 in broad daylight, during rush hour in the Chuao-Las Mercedes area of Caracas, in the presence of literally dozens of eyewitnesses.

Two men on a black motorcycle pulled up next to him, and fired at least 17 shots into Pierre, who died instantly.

A year later, the case remains officially unsolved, at least as far as the general public is concerned.

But unofficially, the case was resolved months ago.

Attorney General of the Republic Luisa Ortega Diaz knows the identities of absolutely everyone involved in Pierre’s assassination, including the intellectual authors who paid the people, including the shooters, who planned and executed the hit.

This group includes certain bankers, past and current senior officials in the Chavez regime, and members of the country’s intelligence services.

Ortega even has in her possession the full names, cedula numbers and intelligence service badge numbers and credentials of the two shooters on the black motorcycle.

But she’s keeping the case buried because she likely fears, and rightly so, that exposing the identities of Pierre’s killers could make her the future target of a pair of shooters on a black motorcycle.

Say it ain’t so, Luisa!


About Caracas Gringo

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