Jackals everywhere

The Seniat tax authorities today slapped private TV channel Globovision with a BsF 5 million fine ($23.2 million at the official exchange rate) for not declaring taxes allegedly owed the state for institutional messages broadcast during the national oil strike of 2002-2003.

Seniat Superintendent Jose David Cabello Rondon is the brother of Public Works Minister Diosdado Cabello.

Previous to the Seniat tax evasion fine against Globovision, President Hugo Chavez had ordered Diosdado Cabello to take action against Globovision. In effect, shut down Globovision immediately.

Cabello didn’t move quickly enough and last week received a public ear-pulling from Chavez.

Hence the large Seniat fine against Globovision. Expect more fines soon.

The jackals are out in force assaulting Globovision from all sides.

A friend comments, “Tienen a Globovision como cucaracha en baile de gallinas.”

The Chavez regime already controls over three-quarters of the country’s television, radio and print news media.

Globovision is perhaps the last almost-nationwide independent open bandwidth television channel still broadcasting in Venezuela.

But Chavez wants it all.

Incredibly, there are many Venezuelan editors and reporters who support putting a permanent muzzle on a free and independent news media.

For example: (1) Ultimas Noticias director Eleazar Diaz Rangel, the always-opportunistic dean of Venezuela’s communist journalists, and (2) National Assembly Deputy Vanessa Davies, who writes detailed columns about sex which occasionally leave this blogger wondering if she posts under ‘casual encounters’ on Craig’s List. Oops, we digress.

But no one in the Venezuelan news media is writing about the extensive corruption inside key government entities like Seniat (taxes and customs), Sudeban (banking oversight and regulation), and the national registry where all commercial and civil transactions (buying/selling property, creating/capitalizing companies, births/marriages/deaths, etc) are maintained on file.

Cuban advisers, experts, spies (whatever) are infiltrated deeply inside Seniat, Sudeban and the national registry.

Groups engaged systematically in kidnapping for ransom, particularly in interior and border areas of the country, also have direct access to the data banks at Seniat, Sudeban, national registries, etc.

They use this data to identify potential victims.

These groups include longtime FARC militants and individuals with direct links to Bolivarian state law enforcement and intelligence entities.

Does anyone think even for an instant that senior FARC chieftain Ivan Marquez and eight other top FARC leaders currently known to be living in Venezuela under official protection are lazing in hammocks on a beach in Morrocoy or Margarita?


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