The satisfaction of a killer president

President Hugo Chavez says he is pleased with the 30-year prison terms imposed on Ivan Simonovis and former Metropolitan Police chiefs Henry Vivas and Lázaro Forero, after a court found all three guilty of murder and attempted murder on 11 April, 2002. Eight other former PM officials convicted on similar charges were sentenced to up to 17 years.

Chavez said the prison terms handed down by the court in Aragua mark the “end of impunity” in Venezuela.

But he also said other “traitors” have yet to be tried, convicted and imprisoned for their alleged involvement in the alleged coup against Chavez.

Chavez is right. Others do deserve to be arrested, tried and imprisoned, starting with President Hugo Chavez, the intellectual author of the violence of 11 April, 2002.

Others who deserve lengthy prison terms include, for starters, Diosdado Cabello (Vice President on 11 April), Jose Vicente Rangel (Defense Minister on 11 april), and Ramon Rodriguez Chacin (Interior & Justice Minister on 11 April).

There are many more chavistas who participated in the plotting to commit the violence of 11 April. But Chavez and the aforementioned trio of thugs top the list.

Chavez is pleased with the political lynching of Simonovis, Vivas and Forero because it provides him, or so he thinks, with the legal legitimacy to claim he was indeed, the innocent victim of a coup attempt.

Chavez has spent the past six years and tens of millions of dollars globally on marketing the fiction that 11 April, 2002 was a coup attempt hatched by his opponents in the military and civilian establishments.

BBC has cooperated shamelessly and despicably with the Chavez regime’s official lies, and so have many other international news media.

But the truth won’t be buried forever, as Chavez hopes.

The crime of murder has no statute of limitations anywhere in the free world. And the Nuremberg trials discredited the “I was only following orders” defense of Adolf Hitler’s civilian cronies and generals/admirals of the Nazi Wermacht.

This is why Chavez embraces mass murderers like Sudan’s Omar al Bashir so enthusiastically. Chavez defends al Bashir aggressively in an attempt to bury the possible future legal consequences of his own murderous actions on 11 April, 2002.

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