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April 11, 2002 – Why we’re taking a hiatus

Just before the start of Holy Week, a time of forgiveness and healing in Venezuela’s Catholic culture, a political court presided by a “Judge” who answers to President Hugo Chavez, but certainly not to the Rule of Law, sentenced eight … Continue reading

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Remembering 7 April, 2002

President Hugo Chavez convened a high-level meeting at Miraflores, exactly seven years ago today on 7 April, 2002, to discuss final details of his plan to crush the political opposition. Chavez knew that an immense opposition protest march was likely … Continue reading

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Mexico or Venezuela: Which is the greater threat to US security?

Lately the blogosphere that specializes in terrorism, drug trafficking, security, 4GW, Mexico, etc. has been focusing more than it usually does on the Mexican government’s war against increasingly violent drug cartels. Gringo think tanks and dead tree news media also … Continue reading

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The satisfaction of a killer president

President Hugo Chavez says he is pleased with the 30-year prison terms imposed on Ivan Simonovis and former Metropolitan Police chiefs Henry Vivas and Lázaro Forero, after a court found all three guilty of murder and attempted murder on 11 … Continue reading

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Psalm 52: A Message for Chavez

Why do you boast of evil, O mighty man? The steadfast love of God endures all the day. Your tongue plots destruction, like a sharp razor, you worker of deceit. You love evil more than good, and lying more than … Continue reading

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Bolivarian killing fields

During first quarter 2009 a total of 4,659 homicides were recorded by crime statisticians at the Interior and Justice Ministry, compared with 3,562 homicides recorded during the first three months of 2008 by the ministry, an increase of 1,097 homicides … Continue reading

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