Bolivarian militia will guard rice harvest

Welcome to Venezuela’s future…

In February President Hugo Chavez expropriated several privately-owned rice processors, and installed dozens of “supervisors” to ensure management and labor at these processing plants were not ripping off poor consumers by hoarding rice supplies or refusing to produce more regulated rice.

And now, the Military Reserve Combat Battalion of Calabozo, an arm of the Bolivarian National Militia, will “guard” the rice harvest in Calabozo from the rice fields to the processing silos to ensure producers don’t “lose” any part of the rice crop, says Colonel Carlos Osorio Zambrano, National Superintendent of Silos and Warehouses.

Several observations:

*Militia members are armed with the new Russian AK-103 and AK-104 assault rifles which, unsurprisingly, are not being deployed in the conventional army except to a few units whose commanders and troops reputedly are zealous Bolivarian revolutionaries.

*Private rice producers and silos will be supervised, basically, at gunpoint even if the militia members are not actually pointing their weapons at truck drivers and silo operators.

*Colonel Osorio Zambrano remains on active duty, and is drawing two salaries simultaneously and illegally as Colonel in the Bolivarian army and as National Silo Superintendent.

*Colonel Osorio Zambrano was appointed Superintendent of Silos because he is a Bolivarian loyalist (i.e. another uniformed Chavez bootlicker), and not because he has any experience/knowledge on relating to business in general, agriculture and rice production.

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