Synagogue Atrocity (Update)

Sources in the Jewish community tell Caracas Gringo that the “official” version of the attack against the Synagogue in Mariperez is a lie.

President Hugo Chavez and Interior & Justice Minister Tarek al-Assaimi claim it was an inside job planned by a former security escort of the synagogue’s chief rabbi; just a vulgar armed robbery in which the perpetrators were looking for cash. Everyone involved in the robbery has been arrested and jailed.

But it’s unclear if the Attorney General’s office has begun court proceedings to prosecute the 12-15 alleged criminals who trashed the Synagogue’s walls with anti-Semitic slurs. In fact, it looks more like, now that Chavez has won his perpetual re-election referendum, the case has been forgotten by the government.

Venezuela’s Jewish community isn’t going to challenge the president’s official version of what happened at the Synagogue.

“The consensus in our community is that the wisest course of action is to say nothing,” a longtime Jewish friend says.

But Jewish leaders know what really happened:

*The attack definitely originated from inside the Bolivarian revolution. A National Assembly deputy was implicated by investigative journalist Nelson Bocaranda. Over half of the alleged attackers who reportedly were arrested are cops with the Metropolitan Police and PoliCaracas (both deeply infiltrated by Tupamaros and other radical/criminal elements).

*Anti-Semitic hatred is growing within the Chavez regime-Bolivarian revolution as its essentially fascist ideological roots spread in tandem with the strategic associations the revolution has entered into with radical Islamic groups that preach a fascist ideology disguised as religion.

*The stolen data bases containing detailed information on the entire Jewish community in Venezuela (which totals slightly over 15,000 people) have not been recovered yet. The lost data bases can be used to target Jewish families for kidnapping and extortion, or expropriation of their assets, or even for targeted assassinations by Islamic militant groups in Venezuela like Hezbollah or Hamas.

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