A political kidnapping

The group that kidnapped banker German Garcia Velutini a week ago is seeking a large ransom payoff, say CICPC officials who claim to be familiar with the investigation.

The kidnappers may be after a ransom, but their primary motive is political.

Garcia Velutini’s abduction is part of an escalating pattern of violent attacks against selected high profile personalities and institutions which maintain critical positions against the Chavez regime.

The goal of these attacks is to spread fear and uncertainty among groups critical of the regime.

The president may not order these attacks directly, but in his public discourse Chavez encourages class hatreds, divisions and war between the poor and rich. Programs like Mario Silva’s “La Hijilla” on VTV also promote violence against the revolution’s opponents.

The most radical groups on the fringes of the Bolivarian revolution interpret the president’s class hatred rants as tantamount to marching orders, and respond accordingly.

The regime also is notoriously tolerant of those who perpetrate acts of violence in defense of the revolution.

CICPC’s director speculated over the weekend that “guerrillas” could have kidnapped Garcia Velutini.

Certainly, the possibility of some external involvement in the banker’s abduction cannot be discarded. The FARC and ELN have decades of experience in kidnappings, and some 12-18 top leaders of both groups are thought currently to be hiding in Venezuela.

The Cuban regime also has a huge security and propaganda presence in Venezuela. The general public is largely unaware of the growing presence in Venezuela of Iran’s intelligence services. The Cubans and Iranians have the capabilities needed to make people disappear right off the street.

But a week after Garcia Velutini’s abduction, it looks increasingly like a homegrown local job perpetrated by professionals trained in urban SWAT and counterinsurgency tactics and in possession of detailed intelligence about their target.

Who in Venezuela possesses SWAT/counterinsurgency skills and has the intelligence “connections” to disappear a high-profile target like Garcia Velutini right off the street in broad daylight in seconds, literally?

Take your pick: Disip; some elite units of the CICPC, Metropolitan Police and PoliCaracas; army or marine special forces personnel; and former members of the armed forces and political police establishments who now operate as independent clandestine agents engaged in top secret black ops for the Chavez regime.

One reason the CICPC suspects rogue cops did the kidnapping is that detectives have not been able to identify the original owner(s) of the 1991 Mercedes Benz sedan which the kidnappers used to block Garcia Velutini’s Audi. This could imply that the vehicle was used by security forces for undercover security operations.

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1 Response to A political kidnapping

  1. GWEH says:

    word is the perps used kalashnikovs. do you know if these were the newer all-black w/plastic AK-103/104’s issued to FAN or were they old-style wood/metal AK-47’s? The witness(es) may be able to differentiate … certainly the bank security officer who saw the whole thing.

    I don’t think the regime and its Cuban-Iranian-FARC friends are that strapped for cash. If they did it then it was to send a message. The ones doing this for ransom would be criminal gangs and rogue regime elements if you can call them that.


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