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A political kidnapping

The group that kidnapped banker German Garcia Velutini a week ago is seeking a large ransom payoff, say CICPC officials who claim to be familiar with the investigation. The kidnappers may be after a ransom, but their primary motive is … Continue reading

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Synagogue Atrocity (Update)

Sources in the Jewish community tell Caracas Gringo that the “official” version of the attack against the Synagogue in Mariperez is a lie. President Hugo Chavez and Interior & Justice Minister Tarek al-Assaimi claim it was an inside job planned … Continue reading

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Correa wants a conflict with Colombia

Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa appears to be keen for a war with Colombia. Correa broke relations with Colombia one year ago after FARC’s No.2 leader Raul Reyes was killed by a Colombian air strike against a longtime FARC base camp … Continue reading

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Chavez: Mine, mine, mine, mine…..

Today reportedly it’s Pasta Milano’s turn to be expropriated. Yesterday President Hugo Chavez ordered the immediate expropriation of Cargill’s Santa Ana rice plant in Portuguesa, though some local news media reported that all of Cargill’s Venezuelan assets had been nationalized. … Continue reading

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