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Guayana’s lost industrial future…

…is an irreparable setback for Venezuela’s economic development. It took President Hugo Chavez and his corrupt, incompetent gang of Bolivarian “revolutionaries” less than a decade to ruin two generations of extraordinary industrial growth in Bolivar state. The first time Caracas … Continue reading

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Chavismo, FARC and Garcia Velutini

CICPC Director Wilmer Flores Trosel held a press conference on 28 February where he: *Speculated without any empirical evidence that unnamed “guerrilla groups” may have kidnapped German Garcia Velutini. *Complained that the CICPC’s investigations “have been obstructed” by the Garcia … Continue reading

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Express Kidnappings in Caracas

The CICPC’s anti-kidnapping division says 144 express kidnappings were reported in Caracas during 2008. But CICPC estimates only one out of every four express abductions is reported, which implies that about 576 express kidnappings happened last year in Caracas. However, … Continue reading

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Chinese Bluegrass Video

Chinese musicians playing traditional Chinese musical instruments… Definitely worth seeing at BoingBoing

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How to Play the Oil “Head-Fake”

The “head-fake” decline in oil prices have decimated the budgets and geopolitical dreams of Venezuela, Iran and Russia. Who might gain if oil prices decline even further? Read the analysis at Of Two Minds. Excerpt: “…let’s consider who has the … Continue reading

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