Is a Venezuelan diplomat in the US promoting anti-semitism?

From the American Thinker:

It appears that a website fanning the flames of antisemitism is registered to a Venezuelan diplomat posted to the United States. Martin Sanchez is the founder of Aporrea.Org and was one of the volunteers that ran the website. He is also listed as the registrant for the website, which is hosted in America. The website, supported by the government of Hugo Chavez, is also a promoter of antisemitism. There is a Martin Sanchez who is now the Consular General of Venezuela in San Francisco. Before that posting, he served in the same capacity in Chicago. Might this be the same Martin Sanchez who founded Aporrea.Org? Read the full article here.

Specific examples of Chavez government-sponsored anti-Semitism here.

Updated on 19 February:

Venezuela’s Consul in San Francisco, Martin Sanchez, is indeed actively encouraging anti-semitism not only on, but also in the United States, which clearly constitutes a violation of his diplomatic status. Video link here.


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