Chavez wants a public apology

In his latest op-ed, Chavez protests (whines?) that the individuals responsible for desecrating the Mariperez synagogue have been “captured, confessed and convicted,” yet the opposition critics who blamed the Chavez regime have yet to retract their accusations and apologizer to the president.

But the opposition has nothing to apologize about. Sources in the Jewish community told Caracas Gringo last night that the community’s own investigation (Mossad anyone?) has linked the attack directly to Interior & Justice Minister Tarek al-Assaimi, former Miranda Governor and ex-Vice President Diosdado Cabello, and one (but possibly more) of the Marxist urban guerrilla groups that operate from 23 de enero. Which group? La Piedrita.

And this morning, Nelson Bocaranda also reports in His Run Runes column for El Universal that Cabello, al-Assaimi and La Piedrita were involved in the attack. Bocaranda, whose accuracy rate as an investigative reporter is almost 100%, says the Synagogue’s private security guard, who is blamed by the government for sabotaging the security system, has ties to La Piedrita.

Chavez can protest all he wants that the regime was not involved in desecrating the Synagogue. But Cabello is one of the president’s closest associates, a senior regime figure who was directly involved in the president’s plans to slaugher the opposition on 11 April, 2002. And Minister al-Assaimi, an Iraqi-Venezuelan Baathist whose father and uncle worked for Saddam Hussein in Baghdad, is also very tight with Chavez – or else he would not be Interior & Justice Minister.

The president is in a dilemma. Either Chavez is lying when he denies his regime was not involved in the attack on the Synagogue, or else he doesn’t know what’s happening inside his own revolution. If it’s the latter, Chavez must be sleeping very lightly at nights, if at all.


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