Official version of Synagogue attack stinks


There is no other word to adequately explain the extraordinary speed with which the government of President Hugo Chavez “solved” the case of the desecrated Synanogue.

It wasn’t the government after all, but a group of some 15 individuals who decided on their own to attack the synagogue because the group’s leader, a Metropolitan Police official who moonlighted as a security escort for the Synagogue’s Chief Rabbi, was refused a personal loan by his Jewish employer, so the cop decided to rob the synagogue and enlisted the aid of a small mob of crooks.

This official story was aired by President Chavez during a Venevision (Cisneros Group) interview:

“It turns out that eight police officers from different agencies (PM, Policaracas and CICPC) are involved, and two civilians who are professional criminals, and one of the Synagogue’s private security guards who cut the wires to the alarm systems. This security guard let the attackers into the Synagogue. We even know how much he was paid. The leader of this gang is a PM official who for the past four years worked as a personal security escort to that Synagogue’s Rabbi,” said President Chavez.

“But I cannot say anything else because it’s part of the investigative process,” added Chavez.

Separately, the AG deplored that after the Synagogue was attacked “everyone” jumped to the conclusion that it was the government’s fault.

On 8 February, the AG’s office also issued a communiqué saying that 11 persons had been arrested in a series of police raids conducted on 7-8 February, including a female CICPC Homicide Division detective, five Metropolitan Police officials and a PoliCaracas sub-inspector assigned to the elite Motorized Brigade, plus four civilians.

However, Caracas Gringo’s sources in the Jewish and Muslim communities say the official version is a lie.

Also, leftist weekly La Razon and respected investigative journalist Nelson Bocaranda have reported that a former National Assembly deputy who belongs to the PSUV and is a known radical chavista was the real intellectual author of the attack against the Synagogue.

The official story about the alleged perpetrators of the Synagogue attack has more holes than a termite-infested “rancho.”

President Chavez wants the country to believe that a rogue Metropolitan Police corporal who allegedly worked four years as the Rabbi’s security escort organized over a dozen cops from three police agencies and civilian professional criminals to break into a synagogue and steal…only two used computers worth, at most, Bs.F. 2,000 – less than $500 at the black market exchange rate?

Let’s see, $500 split 15 ways is $33.33 for each of the attackers. Street urchins juggling lemons at traffic intersections can earn that much on a good day.

And President Chavez wants the country to believe that a professional cop, who supposedly knows a thing or two about crime and reportedly had detailed knowledge of the Synagogue’s interior layout, would enlist 14 other people as allies (and certain squealers) in a heist the cop could have pulled off by himself or with one associate to provide some backup?

The official version falls of its own weight.

Our Muslim Arab source says the word within the law-abiding Muslim community of Caracas is that at least one Islamic militant whose radical views are well-known in the community is suspected of being one of the primary intellectual authors of the Synagogue attack.

The two stolen computers – the ONLY items of real value taken by the attackers – contained the names, home and business addresses, and monthly tithing data on every Jewish family in Venezuela.

President Chavez and the AG’s office have not said yet whether the stolen computers were recovered, and if so, whether the hard drives were copied or tampered with in any way.

But assuming the computers were not recovered, where are they now?

And assuming the contents of the computer hard drives were copied, who has the copied data now?

A confiscatory Bolivarian government with a proven track record of stealing private assets could use the stolen data to identify very precisely all of the Jewish-owned properties, businesses and buildings in Venezuela.

Corrupt chavista politicos in league with rogue cops could use the stolen data to extort and/or kidnap Jewish businessmen and professionals, plus their wives and children. It is an empirically proven fact – based on official CICPC crime data – that criminal gangs in Caracas and other Venezuelan cities engaged in express kidnappings and long-term abductions for large ransoms almost always involve at least one corrupt cop.

Or, perhaps, Islamic militants active in Venezuela could use the stolen data to target prominent Jewish community leaders and their families for assassination, abduction or other terrorist acts.

But don’t believe for an instant that President Chavez and the Bolivarian revolution are not anti-Semitic.

Chavez gets along very well with the worst rogue Arab regimes and militant groups because the ideological pillars of the Bolivarian credo and the Muslim militants are ferociously fascist.

Take any Bolivarian or Islamic fundamentalist text, delete and/or edit the obvious adjectives and phrases which distinguish Bolivarian claptrap from radical Islamic claptrap, read the resulting “sanitized” texts side-by-side – and one can hardly tell them apart.

Let’s assume for discussion that the Chavez government is NOT, in fact, involved in the recent escalation of violence perpetrated almost exclusively by self-declared “defenders” of the Bolivarian revolution.

Let’s assume that the attack against the Synagogue, and also the attacks carried out in recent weeks by armed thugs like La Piedrita and Lina Ron’s “motorizados,” were entirely spontaneous and independent actions which were not sanctioned officially by anyone in the revolution – even though senior chavista capos like Aristobulo Isturiz and Libertador district Mayor Jorge Rodriguez publicly defended La Piedrita and Ron’s gunslinging bikers in the strongest terms.

If this is true, as Chavez now claims when he condemns the violence perpetrated by his loyal street killers, then it suggests that the president is losing (has lost?) control of some of his revolution’s fiercest pitbulls.

Except for a nagging detail: President Chavez is venting a lot of wind, as he always does, but three days have passed since he publicly ordered the arrest of La Piedrita’s chieftain, and nothing has happened.

No deployments of elite police units with SWAT training, no deployments of National Guard and/or Army troops to 23 de enero even though Santana claims La Piedrita has “weapons of war” (which in Venezuela usually means assault rifles). The president is making beaucoup smoke, but as yet not even a tiny spark of action by any of the government’s security forces.

Hundreds of National Guard troops can tear gas and truncheon the crap out of unarmed university students engaged in peaceful public protests during the past six weeks, but the government cannot arrest one notoriously public individual with three-year-old outstanding arrest warrants on assault and murder charges?

Meanwhile 7 (or 8?) cops and three (or four?) civilians are jailed on charges of attacking the Synagogue. Are they political scapegoats? Bumbling idiots?

Hard to say without interviewing them individually, because Venezuela’s legal system is based on Napoleonic and Spanish Crown Law, which means one is guilty until proven innocent, and the burden of such proof is entirely on the accused.

In practice, this means a person jailed in Venezuela can spend a very long time behind bars in a losing battle with a historically corrupt and glacially slow judicial system in which ALL of the currently serving judges are vetted politically by President Chavez.


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