Chavistas are pussies; ie…weak, timid, unmanly…

The average chavista’s courage is a function of numbers.

One chavista = gutless.

Many chavistas = mob courage.

Many chavistas with guns = fearless warriors willing to die for their leader.

But what happens to the “fearless warriors of the Bolivarian revolution” when their leader betrays them?

They whine and fabricate lies on the Web!

President Chavez ordered the Attorney General on 7 February to arrest La Piedrita’s leader, Valentin Santana, after the latter’s Quinto Dia interview in which he announced La Piedrita’s plans to execute communications entrepreneur Marcel Granier.

On 8 February and again on 9 February, La Piedrita posted two whiney statements on the group’s web site. (link here)

The first statement complained that before sunrise on 8 February, “…our revolutionary organization was attacked by some mercenaries who called themselves the Black Eagles of Colombia…who fired some shots in our sector and left pamphlets saying they operate in Caracas and clandestinely in 23 de enero; declaring openly they will assassinate Valentin Santana and his family, that they will act selectively assassinating the population to create chaos and break the morale of our people.”

The statement says “Marcer Granier (sic) is responsible for these actions in our sector…” and calls on the AG to “investigate Marcer (sic) Granier for these acts because automatically we were criminalized and received a mercenary attack.”

“…our work is legitimate and historical and popular, we have left lives for this revolutionary cause…and we only want to die alongside the people…”

La Piedrita’s second statement, posted 9 February, is more incoherent than the first one. Now the thugs led by Santana claim that “Today our revolutionary organization and Comandante Lina Ron are being attacked…by the packs of the press and national television…Globovision, Radio Caracas, El Nacional, El Universal, El Nuevo Pais, Quinto dia, the parties of the right through the Pact of Puerto Rico…have fabricated a file…to irresponsibly accuse the leader of our organization, Valentin Santana…of violent acts….publicly labeling him a delinquent…the Quinto Dia interview was manipulated…our right to reply has been denied…part of a strategy to distract attention from the referendum….part of the opposition strategy to disappear (Valentin Santana)…”

Three comments:

*La Piedrita’s members, including fearless leader Santana, are scared. Their commander-in-chief, President Chavez, has betrayed and deserted his faithful revolutionaries whose lives are dedicated to defending and if necessary dying for Chavez and the Bolivarian revolution. The inclusion of Lina Ron’s name in the second communiqué shows that she also is scared. These street criminals are well armed thanks to the government, but state security forces like Disip, the National Guard, etc. have a great deal more firepower than La Piedrita and Ron’s “motorizados.” If a clash occurs, La Piedrita and Ron’s gunslingers will be wiped out.

*The alleged attack by the mercenary “Black Eagles” of Colombia most likely is a complete fabrication, a lie invented to curry sympathy and support among “el pueblo.” The alleged pamphlets probably were printed at a Cybercafe and left at the scene of the alleged attack by La Piedrita’s members.

*But if an attack did occur before sunrise on 8 February (though we seriously doubt it), the perpetrators probably were gang enforcers working with the Tupamaros faction headed by Caracas crack kingpin Jose Tomas Pinto, who by Santana’s own admission is in a war-to-the-death with La Piedrita. Pinto’s group also works politically with the regime, and it’s possible the Tupamaros have been ordered to kill Santana, and take down La Piedrita, which would take care of the headache La Piedrita has become for Chavez.

However, President Chavez’s apparent confrontation with his now-disowned Bolivarian street gangsters will be perceived – correctly – as a meaningless political propaganda spectacle until the government moves decisively to disarm and dismantle these groups, and arrest their leaders.

But we don’t think Chavez intends to go all the way against La Piedrita, Ron, etc. Chavez cannot afford to be seen among the radical factions of poor Venezuela as betraying his most faithful followers – his “pueblo revolucionario” – especially since the Miraflores presidential palace is within easy shooting distance from 23 de enero where most of these political crime gangs are based.


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