La Piedrita’s Hit List

La Piedrita’s leader, Valentin David Santana Torres, gave an extraordinary interview to the pro-Chavez weekly tabloid Quinto Dia.
Link here.

Briefly, La Piedrita calls itself a “people’s revolutionary collective.” However, the group is essentially an armed band of urban guerrillas at war against everyone who does not share the nihilist communist worldview of its leader, who readily admits in the interview that hatred is the primal force in his life.

The world according to Santana Torres, who for 18 years has worked as a security supervisor at Central University, is red and black: President Chavez is a great, extraordinary revolutionary leader who has never betrayed the people; practically everyone else around Chavez is worthless; and all of Chavez’s enemies and the leeches sponging off the revolution will be executed.

Marcel Granier apparently heads the list of the people Santana Torres plans to kill as soon as possible. At the first opportunity, La Piedrita will “cut off” Granier’s head, he warns.

But it’s a long hit list, including potentially everyone who “offends” President Chavez.

However, specific names mentioned in the interview include Ravell at Globovision, journalist Marta Colomina, Henry Ramos Allup of AD, the former communist guerrillas of Bandera Roja, and even Jose Tomas Pinto, leader of one of the Tupamaro factions in 23 de enero.

La Piedrita and the Tupamaros are mortal enemies.

Santana Torres says Pinto’s Tupamaro faction is a gang of drug traffickers, armed robbers and killers engaged in criminal enterprises.

Santana Torres also says in the interview that he plans to kill Pinto to avenge the murder of his 16-year-old son by Tupamaro gunmen. “I’ll cut off his head,” says La Piedrita’s leader.

La Piedrita’s leader says that because Pinto violated the revolutionary warrior’s code when he killed Santana’s son, any member of Pinto’s family found by La Piedrita’s enforcers, “including his mother,” will be killed immediately.

But Santana Torres says Lina Ron, who heads another gang of armed thugs on motorcycles who claim to be pro-Chavez revolutionaries, is a trusted good friend who has always helped La Piedrita. “With Lina we are life or death for the revolution,” he says.

However, the Attorney General’s office is packed with “escualidos,” the president’s PSUV is filled with people conspiring against Chavez and the revolution, many of the people in government around Chavez are not true revolutionaries, and Jesse Chacon (who criticized La Piedrita) should shut his mouth and think twice before criticizing the group, Santana says.

When the time comes, all of Chavez’s enemies will be executed by La Piedrita, he warns (pasado por las armas)

Santana claims he can deploy between 30-40 gunmen at any time on “operations” against enemies of the revolution.

He admits La Piedrita was responsible for gas grenade attacks over the past six weeks against the Nunciatura, the homes of Granier and Marta Colomina, Globovision, Copei, and El Nuevo Pais newspaper.

Santana Torres says he ordered the attacks against these individuals and entities to retaliate for what he describes as permanent conspiratorial behavior and offensive attacks by the opposition against the president and members of the president’s immediate family.


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