Isaias crawls out of his hole

Former Attorney General Isaias Rodriguez surfaced yesterday on state-owned VTV’s program, Despertó Venezuela, with a slew of wild and unfounded accusations.

For example:

*The so-called ‘Pact of Puerto Rico,’ as President Hugo Chavez calls an alleged January meeting in San Juan between several Venezuelan opposition figures and US diplomats, seeks to “eliminate” President Chavez as a candidate in the 2012 national elections and end his leadership of the Bolivarian Revolution.

*Globovision owner Alberto Federico Ravell, one of the alleged participants in the alleged meeting in Puerto Rico, is conspiring with others to assassinate President Chavez, “according to a document circulating on the Internet.”

*This alleged conspiracy to kill Chavez is called “Plan Checkmate the King,” and some of Ravell’s co-conspirators are the opposition “students” and the Catholic Church.

*This alleged plan also includes creating artificial shortages of food and other products, disturbing the public order, and re-creating the conditions which preceded the “coup of 2002.”

* Ravell (Globovisión), Luis Ignacio Planas (Copei), Omar Barboza (Un Nuevo Tiempo) and Julio Borges (Primero Justicia) have conspired to commit “very many crimes” and his successor as Attorney General should immediately prosecute these individuals for their alleged criminal offenses.

Perhaps someday Isaias Rodriguez will face criminal prosecution for the crimes he committed as Attorney General. For example:

*While he was AG, Rodriguez participated directly and actively in a conspiracy, initiated approximately in October 2001 and led by President Chavez, to fabricate a self-coup on 11 April, 2002 with the objective of creating a “legal’ excuse for imposing martial law, and employing lethal military force to annihilate and imprison his political opponents.

*While he was AG, Rodriguez was physically present in Miraflores presidential palace at meetings between 7-9 April, 2002 in which President Chavez provided senior military officers, government officials and members the National Assembly precise details of how his plan to crush the opposition would be executed within days of those meetings. [Caracas Gringo has a video of a senior military officer making a statement during a Supreme Court hearing in 2002, in which the officer (who was later acquitted of military rebellion) explicitly reminds AG Rodriguez that the AG was physically present alongside this military officer at the meetings where President Chavez actively plotted to commit murder on 11 April, 2002.]

*On 15 April, 2002 AG Rodriguez, obeying direct orders by President Chavez, put into motion a comprehensive cover-up plan orchestrated through Rodriguez as AG, to fabricate charges of military rebellion against a lengthy list of military officers and civilians that was given to Rodriguez by the president. [Caracas Gringo also has the evidentiary documents in hand.]

*As AG, Rodriguez actively conspired with President Chavez to commit mass murder, commit systematic human rights abuses, and fabricate fictitious “proof” to bring charges against dozens of opposition figures for alleged “crimes” that were never committed.

*Rodriguez also used his powers as AG to systematically cover-up all forensic, eyewitness and documented evidence of the crimes committed on 11 April, 2002 by President Chavez and close allies including then-Vice president Diosdado Cabello, then-Defense Minister Jose Vicente Rangel, then-Interior and Justice Minister Ramon Rodriguez Chacin and the entire high-command of the Venezuelan armed forces (with the exception of the Army’s then-commander).


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