Chavez warns: I’m never leaving

President Hugo Chavez told CNN news anchor Petricia Janiot on 2 February that if he loses the 15 February referendum on his perpetual re-election, he will not give up trying.

“We can attempt another referendum if the people insist and gather enough voter signatures, or we can launch a popular initiative to convene another Constitutional assembly and re-write the entire Constitution,” Chavez said.

Chavez also said that he might hold at least one popular referendum each year during the next four years.

But Chavez said he is confident of victory on 15 February.

“My heart and political scent tell me we’re going to win this referendum. That’s what all the polls say too,” he said.

A Chavez victory on 15 February means that he and every other elected official currently in any municipal, state or national office could seek re-election again indefinitely. Term limits would be abolished forever, constitutionally.

The president said he also expects to run for president again in 2012.


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