One traitor accuses another traitor of treason

Yoel Acosta Chirinos tells AFP that President Hugo Chavez, in power exactly one decade on Monday, 2 January, 2009 “betrayed the Bolivarian project” and “forgot the Constitution.”

“I believe (Chavez) betrayed the original project, the Bolivarian project for which we insurrected… (Chavez) forgot the strategic objective of transforming representative democracy into participative and protagonistic democracy and (instead) he went towards 21st century socialism,” says Acosta Chirinos.

The original Bolivarian project “never considered notions of socialism…We had an ideology based on the Bolivarian ideal, but we never spoke of (Karl) Marx and (Vladimir) Lenin, and much less a copy of Cuba…Chavez betrayed the roots…the group of doctrines integrated by Bolivarian thought,” he adds.

In fairness, let’s credit Acosta Chirinos for condemning the endless treacheries of President Chavez. But spare no sympathy for Acosta Chirinos, because he is also a traitor.

Former Army Lt. Colonel Acosta Chirinos was a co-conspirator and co-leader of the 4 February, 1992 failed coup in which Chavez was the titular – albeit gutless – leader.

[Brief recollection of history: Lt. Col. Hugo Chavez Frias, the titular head of the 4 February, 1992 coup against then-President Carlos Andres Perez, did not follow the plan, deviated from his route, refused to respond to repeated radio calls from his comrades, stopped his forces well short of his assigned tactical objectives in Caracas, and immediately started to negotiate his unconditional surrender without ever firing a shot.]

Of course, Chavez always planned to surrender immediately. He knew from the start that his coup would fail. In fact, in order for the coup to work in Chavez’s favor it had to fail.

Chavez never expected to seize power, and much less co-rule a new Bolivarian militarist/nationalist regime with his co-conspirators. Chavez never believed in power-sharing, although he always fooled his closest political allies into believing that he would be a democratic Bolivarian revolutionary.

However, Chavez needed a failed coup in order to launch his political career as Venezuela’s future strongman-for-life. So Chavez followed the historical example of two key influences in his formative years as a treacherous conspirator.

Chavez’s failed coup of February 1992 essentially replicated Fidel Castro’s failed assault against Batista’s Moncada barracks in 1953 and Adolf Hitler’s failed beer hall putsch in 1923. Castro and Hitler were arrested and jailed, but ultimately both triumphed, as did Chavez.

After Chavez was inaugurated as president in February 1999 he started to systematically sever old political alliances and friendships; Acosta Chirinos was among the hundreds who were dumped and neutralized by Chavez.

So, in essence, Acosta Chirinos’ interview with AFP is one traitor whining about how he was betrayed by another traitor. What chutzpah!

Acosta Chirinos betrayed his oath as an officer in the army of Venezuela, the same one forged by the Liberator Simon Bolivar, the most revered figure in the Venezuelan pantheon of nation-founding heroes. Bolivar is to Venezuelans what George Washington is to Americans.

Acosta Chirinos also betrayed the democratically elected government and the constitution of Venezuela for years before the failed coup in 1992 while sneaking around the country clandestinely meeting with other conspirators which included radical communist guerrillas, many of whom had direct ties to Cuban intelligence; so his claim that the conspiracy in which he participated never embraced foreign communist influences like Castro, etc. is more verbal compost.

But Acosta Chirinos can always follow the example of another former co-conspirator and co-leader of the failed coup, Franciso Arias Cardenas, who severed relations with Chavez early in the latter’s ten-year rule but then groveled his way back into El Comandante’s favor, and was rewarded with the plum post of Venezuelan Ambassador to the United Nations.

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