Masked thugs trash a Synagogue at night

‘Malicious men may die, but malice never.’
Moliere, Tartuffe, 1664

Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro says the government of President Hugo Chavez will investigate, find and jail the individuals who vandalized a Jewish Synagogue last night in the Mariperez area of Caracas.

Hypocrisy comes easy to the thugs who rule Venezuela.

The vandals broke into the Synagogue at night, heavily armed and wearing masks, desecrated the Torah and scrawled hateful graffiti on the walls.

We’re certain of two things:

*Any official “investigation” will hide the truth and most likely will seek to accuse elements of the government’s political opposition. The government will never admit any of its thugs destroyed the Synagogue, though it’s obvious from where the increasingly violent anti-Semitism is originating in Venezuela.

*President Chavez, more than anyone else in Venezuela, is the individual most responsible for the destruction of the Synagogue.

President Chavez is also the individual most responsible for last Thursday’s gunfight between Anzoategui state police and workers at Mitsubishi’s vehicle assembly plant in the city of Barcelona. Two workers were killed and six (including five police officials) were wounded by the gunfire.

The gunfight erupted when over 130 laid-off workers who had seized the plant for several days to pressure company management to rehire them tried to physically prevent two judges from executing a restraining order against the workers. Close to 30 Polianzoategui officials accompanied the judges (both women) who tried to serve the restraining order against the workers.

The workers and police got into a scuffle; rocks and tear-gas were exchanged, a vehicle was set ablaze, and then several unknown individuals inside the plant opened fire at the police, who immediately returned fire as workers scattered in all directions.

Anzoategui Governor Tarek Willians Saab immediately announced that any Polianzoategui officials who fired their weapons would be jailed and prosecuted for attempted murder. The governor also blamed the shooting on the private security firm employed by Mitsubish to guard the facilities. In other words, the shooting was the fault of Mitsubishi’s management. However, local labor court officials blamed the violence on the workers.

“They didn’t bother to pursue this through legal channels and file a grievance in labor court against Mitsubishi,” an aide to one of the judges said. “Instead, they resorted immediately to conflict, seizing the plant and attacking the judges and police.”

But the workers have a ready excuse which senior thugs of the Bolivarian regime like Governor Saab will defend. President Chavez has been saying for ten years that violence is good when the violence is inflicted to defend the Bolivarian revolution and the “rights” of the poor and workers.

During his decade in power, President Chavez has fostered and legitimized violence as the act of first resort in all situations. Chavez repeatedly threatens to use violence against everyone who obstructs his will. The Chavez government over the years also has coordinated the creation of numerous civilian groups which have received money and weapons from the government to go out and attack the regime’s political opponents.

Under Chavez, Venezuela has been transformed from a moderately violent country into the most violent nation in Latin America, and one of the most violent in the world.

Ismael Garcia, leader of Podemos (the former pro-Chavez faction of MAS, back in 2000-2002), said last week that the homicide rate in Venezuela has soared over the past decade from 4,481 officially reported homicides in 1995 to 14,400 homicides in 2008 (over 3,000 higher than the government admits officially).

Garcia says his data shows that 37 people are murdered daily in Venezuela, and a homicide occurs every 40 minutes. The homicide rate per 100,000 inhabitants is 25.6 for Latin America overall, but in Venezuela the homicide rate stands at 53 per 100,000 inhabitants.

There’s a saying in Venezuela: “A todo cochino le llega su sabado.” Rough translation: What goes around comes around.

Call us pessimists, but political and criminal violence in Venezuela very likely will get much, much worse before Chavez’s Saturday finally arrives – especially if he loses the 15 February referendum on amending the Constitution to allow his perpetual re-election.

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