More Presidential Bullshit

President Hugo Chavez said on national television today that accusations by retired Army General Raul Isaias Baduel, who yesterday claimed his car was attacked by individuals who hurled tear gas grenades and fired multiple shots into the vehicle, are a “plot created by the CIA’s psychological war laboratories and the commanders of the Pact of Puerto Rico.” Chavez and Baduel were allies not long ago. Baduel saved Chavez’s presidency in April 2002, and later was rewarded with the highest command posts in Venezuela’s armed forces, but now Chavez routinely condemns Baduel as “one of those sad personalities that will pass into history as one of the great traitors of this process…” Actually, Baduel likely will be remembdered as a political opportunist who wasted a legally and constitutionally justified opportunity to depose a president guilty of crimes against humanity and murder, while Chavez likely will be remembered by future generations of Venezuelan historians as the great betrayer who ruined Venezuela’s economic and social development prospects for at least two generations.

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