CIA Station Chief in Algeria Accused of Rapes

It’s a safe bet that President Hugo Chavez will be talking about this scandal before the week is over…

This ugly scandal could derail President Barack Obama’s attempts to improve US relations with the Muslim world and revive the Middle East peace process. Radical Islamic militants will use this to inflame the Arab public’s fury against the US. The Obama administration will be under immense political pressure from the Muslim world to punish the alleged rapist, especially since the ABC News exclusive report says US investigators found videos in the CIA official’s residence which appear to confirm the rape accusations made by two Muslim women.

But some aspects of ABC’s report seem, well, odd. For example, one of the rape victims allegedly met the official in a US embassy bar. The second victim accompanied the US official to his residence where she was filmed by cell phone drinking alcohol and dancing with the US official. Finally, the CIA station chief reportedly is a convert to Islam. What was a Muslim woman doing in a US embassy bar where alcohol is served? Why did apparently unaccompanied Muslim women enter a bar in one case, and go to the man’s home in the other case? Of course, these questions won’t matter to an outraged Arab public clamoring for “justice” (ie kill the infidel). Under Sharia law the CIA official could be put to death, but under US law convicted rapists usually aren’t executed except in cases where the victim also was abducted and/or murdered.


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