Bolivar’s bastards

‘When the great lord passes, the wise peasant bows deeply and silently farts’
Ethiopian proverb

The Bolivarian revolution’s generals are very angry…or perhaps very scared.

Vice President (and retired general) Ramon Carrizales and the senior commanders of the Bolivarian National Armed Force (BFAN) held a group press conference on 27 January to accuse Tal Cual director Teodoro Petkoff of conducting a “systematic campaign to attack the (BFAN)…and seed distrust in the Venezuelan population on the BFAN’s conduct of Plan Republica in electoral processes.”

Basically, Plan Republica deploys the military on Election Day to guard all voting stations and safeguard the integrity of the election process, and of the ballots cast by voters to ensure none are stolen, altered, etc.

Carrizales said the presser was called to “defend the integrity of the BFAN” and clarify that nowadays the BFAN is emotionally and professionally committed to President Hugo Chavez’s (bullshit) revolutionary theme of “Nation, Socialism or Death.”

Army general Jesús González González dismissed Tal Cual as “a pamphlet” which only “manipulates and lies” to the public.

Tal Cual is “at the service of treason, of stateless persons who do not love this nation… (Petkoff) is too old to be telling lies, too old to be a checkbook journalist (palangrista) in the news media,” said González.

The military presser at which Carrizales was the chief clown and General González his faithful sidekick was the government’s response to a front page editorial which Petkoff penned for the 27 January Tal Cual, saying the BFAN is an “accomplice…to a great number of irregularities committed by (the government) in past electoral processes.”

But Petkoff also clarified that not all FANB personnel have abused their trust to the Venezuelan people. The conduct of many BFAN officials and troops “has been impeccable,” he wrote.

Petkoff pointed out, truthfully and accurately, that in many recent elections since 2005 there have been numerous instances where BFAN officers have willfully violated Venezuela’s electoral laws and the rules set by the National Electoral Council (CNE). For instance:

*”Checking” the documents and credentials of legally designated witnesses at voting centers, who are always individuals associated with the opposition.

*Barring opposition witnesses from being physically present inside the voting centers, as is required by law and the CNE’s rules.

*Forcing voting centers to remain open for hours after they were legally supposed to shut down, even though no voters have shown up for hours.

*Forcibly reopening some voting centers after the CNE had shut them down.

*Threatening to physically harm opposition witnesses who refuse to obey illegal orders from BFAN officers expelling the witnesses from the voting centers.

*Refusing to protect opposition witnesses at voting centers who are physically threatened by armed chavista thugs on motorcycles.

*Allowing the distribution of pro-Chavez campaign propaganda outside voting centers, which is illegal.

“We aren’t asking you for a favor but simply that the armed forces guarantee equality before the law,” Petkoff concluded.

Petkoff’s editorial was accurate, fair and balanced. But the Boludariano (sic) generals went ballistic.

Caracas Gringo personally knows several hundred generals, admirals, colonels, majors, captains and lieutenants – all graduates of the Venezuelan Military Academy. Some are still on active duty, but most retired voluntarily since 2002 because, as one put it, “I was too ashamed by what Chavez has done to our country’s armed force, and to the Venezuelan people, to continue wearing my uniform in public.”

The ones who stayed are mostly the dregs.

The officers now commanding the BFAN were chosen, above all, for their explicitly stated loyalty to President Chavez. They wear the red berets and other trappings which identify them as Bolivarian socialists, and they spout the rhetoric of revolution – “Nation, Socialism or Death.”

But these bastard heirs of Simon Bolivar are only in it for the command jobs and the personal wealth they are allowed to accumulate in exchange for their “loyalty” to Chavez and the revolution.

The majority graduated from the Military Academy on the lower rungs of academic, strategic and tactical achievement. Before Chavez, their chances of achieving high ranks and plum command assignments were somewhere between unlikely to nil.

They travel in caravans protected by dozens of personal bodyguards, but they are not in contact with their troops.

They enjoy wearing shiny decorations, and the clownish pomp and ceremony of Bolivarian military parades.

They undoubtedly would obey without hesitation presidential orders to slaughter unarmed innocent civilians.

However, it’s very unlikely that any would personally lead a charge against real foes because the last thing they would do as professional Bolivarian military men is risk their hides leading troops in battle from the front lines.

They buy into Chavez’s “Nation, Socialism…” gibberish, but step on the brakes before “…or Death.”

Douglas Bravo, the 77-year-old Marxist guerrilla who has spent a lifetime as a Marxist/nationalist revolutionary guerrilla leader, said last week that the “new bourgeois right” ruling the country and armed forces today would be challenged soon by “true revolutionaries” within the BFAN who are fed up with their corrupt military commanders and a dictatorial president who together have betrayed the people, the revolution and the legacy of Simon Bolivar.

Bolivar’s bastard heirs must be getting worried, even scared, as they ponder the risks to their individual physical wellbeing of a new revolt within the BFAN.


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