Pelosi’s nihilistic idiocy

“Life is filled with uncertainties. People need options. Abortion is one of those options.”
Detective Bobby Goren (Vincent D’Onofrio) – Law and Order
“There are too many people in the world. I have no place to ride my horsey.”
Black US Comedian Richard Pryor, explaining why most liberal and rich white elites support birth control and abortion.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, a white feminist democrat grandmother from San Francisco, arguably one of the two or three most liberal cities in the United States, told George Stephanopoulos 25 January on ABC’s This Week that the national bailout package her office is drafting without consulting other Democratic or Republican leaders in Congress will include “hundreds of millions of dollars to expand family planning services.”

The phrase “family planning services” is politically correct liberal doublespeak for contraception and abortion on demand for anyone in all 50 US states, and also the rest of the world.

Pelosi’s argument is that more funds for family planning services will translate into lower state spending on health, education and child care. “Contraception will reduce costs to the states and to the federal government, with no apologies (to anyone). We have to deal with the consequences of the downturn in our economy.”

Caracas Gringo is a social conservative who, among other convictions, does not agree with abortion and does not think the state should be in the business of paying for abortions. But contraception is a different issue. The most effective way to avoid unwanted pregnancies is contraception and education.

However, Pelosi’s explanation of why more government-funded contraception translates into less overall state spending on health, education and other child services is typical western white Liberal idiocy.

Alone among all the western democracies plus Japan and Russia, the US remains the world’s only developed country where the population continues to grow. Populations are declining everywhere else in the EU, Russia and Japan.

However, the US demographic data is misleading.

When segregated by ethnicity, the US data shows the white population is declining, while the Hispanic, African and Asian populations are growing.

In particular, the Hispanic-American population is growing so quickly that five years ago Hispanic-Americans replaced African-Americans as the second largest ethnic group in US society, after whites of European descent.

The US is already the world’s fifth largest Hispanic state in terms of absolute population numbers.

Thirty years from now, Hispanic Americans – or Latinos, as they are called in the US – will be the largest ethnic group in over half of the 50 states, with whites running second and African-Americans in third place.
In 30 years or less it’s also very likely the US will have a Latino president.

Pelosi is an idiot. She thinks that funding family planning services will reduce state and federal government spending on health, education and other public services because there will be fewer children.

More federal contraception funding presumably also implies fewer government-funded abortions on demand for anyone who asks.

The point here is that Pelosi proposes to curb government spending by curbing US population growth. But only the white US population is declining, while the Hispanic, African and Asian US populations continue to grow.

The reason is white US women tend to have more abortions per capita than Hispanics, African-Americans or Asians. However, overall the US population is aging like the EU states, Russia and Japan, albeit at a slower rate.

Fewer young adults and more retired senior citizens equals increased tax burdens over the coming 30 years on younger workers, and greater strains on the federal government’s safety net including social security and Medicare.

If Pelosi had an ounce of sense in her twisted brain, she perhaps might consider offering federal tax incentives for couples to have more children and allow at least one of the parents to stay at home.

Children are the future of humanity, irrespective of ethnicity, religion or birthplace. At the ends of our days, our children are our only earthly immortality; they give meaning to our lives and prolong our individual genetic lineage.

For a nation-state, more children also imply a younger labor force, more individual talent, more innovation and productivity, a larger tax base and other benefits associated with a healthy, dynamic nation.

Thus, Pelosi’s argument that more family planning equals fewer births, ergo less government spending, is nihilistic idiocy.


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