Tehran, Caracas, La Paz

Iran’s president said 15 January that the fighting in Gaza shows Israel’s continued existence in the region is “not feasible.” President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has vowed repeatedly that Israel must be destroyed completely, erased from the world map of nations.
Ahmadinejad said that “even for the supporters of the occupying regime and its leaders, it has become clear that the continuation of the Zionist regime’s life in the region is not feasible.”
This week Bolivia and Venezuela officially severed diplomatic ties with Israel, in retaliation for Israel’s military offensive against Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip, where over 1,000 Palestinians have died in nearly three weeks of sustained Israeli air and ground attacks.
President Hugo Chavez very likely consulted his decision to end diplomatic relations with Israel with Tehran and Havana. Bolivia’s president also was in this loop.
Chavez has a strategic energy, security and investment alliance with Iranian President Ahmadinejad. Since 2005 the two countries have signed several dozen bilateral agreements which the Chavez government claims are worth over $20 billion of foreign direct investment in Venezuela, of which less than 5% actually has been realized to date.
Tehran’s ties with Bolivian President Evo Morales are not as close as they are with Caracas. But the Bolivian leader’s foreign policy is firmly controlled and dictated from Caracas (and Havana, which also has close relations with Tehran). Morales is taking his marching orders from Chavez.
Hamas is the victim, Israel the genocidal aggressor, according to Chavez. The Bolivarian revolution is completely aligned with Tehran, which is stoking the Hamas-Isfrael conflict to advance Ahmadinejad’s radical agenda of launching a full-out war of extermination on the Jewish people within the next two or three years.
Ahmadinejad wants to completely stamp out the Jewish race, religion and genetic line in the map of humanity. He believes Allah, the Quran and the Prophet Mohammed have ordered all faithful Muslims to practice genocide against the Jews.
US, French, German and Israeli nuclear arms experts think Tehran will build its first nuclear bomb within two years. Iran already has the long-range missile capabilities to strike Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Ahmadinejad plans to use Iran’s nuclear weapons against Israel.
It’s likely Chavez soon will adopt Ahmadinejad’s call for the destruction of Israel as official Bolivarian foreign policy. Unofficially, Chavez is already in that camp of genocidal ethno-religious anti-semitism. Adolf Hitler would be very proud of Hugo, although Hitler probably would have exterminated Chavez because Venezuela’s president is not a true Aryan.
Meanwhile, some allegedly “official” spokespersons for the Chavez revolution, such as former Ambassador to Washington Bernardo Alvarez, said very recently that Venezuela’s president is willing to engage the new US administration of President-elect Barack Obama on issues of common interest – provided Washington treats Chavez with “respect.”
But if Alvarez was not disseminating disinformation intended to cloud the thinking of the US imperialist foe, he likely was engaging in wishful thinking.
Chavez isn’t interested in improving ties with the Obama administration. The US is Bolivarian Venezuela’s declared greatest mortal enemy. This is official Bolivarian national security doctrine.
And if President Chavez was even remotely entertaining the idea of unfreezing ties with Washington, that option may have been discarded after Obama on 12 January criticized the political ties Chavez maintains with terrorist groups like the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc). Obama reportedly added that Chavez has become a factor of instability hindering regional progress.
“(Obama) threw a stone at me,” Chavez protested on 15 January, adding that Obama was starting his administration in the same negative vein (ie critical of Chavez) as President George W. Bush. He also warned that Venezuela would not be disrespected in any forum, but cautioned that the new US president still has time “to rectify” (ie kiss Chavez’s butt).
The possibility of some rapprochement between Chavez and the Obama administration cannot be ruled out. Brazil’s government reportedly is trying quietly to broker a truce between Caracas and Washington after eight years of increasingly frosty relations and harsh rhetoric (mainly from Chavez). But realistically, there is little common ground between the two governments.
The Chavez regime is viscerally anti-American and anti-Semitic. Chavez has strategic energy and security alliances with powers that see the US at best as a competitor to be subdued, and at worst as a mortal enemy to their own designs of regional or global empire. Chavez also has alliances with regimes which support or sponsor terrorism.
Venezuela’s “strategic” allies include Cuba, Russia, Belarus, China, Iran, Syria, North Korea, and Zimbabwe, to name but a few. The Bolivarian revolution also has good relations with Hamas, Hezbollah, ETA, the IRA, Shining Path, and other terror groups.
Chavez has interfered directly (clandestine cash contributions to the Kirchners in Argentina, for instance) and indirectly, through groups like the Caracas-based Congreso Bolivariano Autoctono de los Pueblos, in the internal political affairs of many countries in the region including Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Guyana and Suriname in South America.
Venezuelan oil money helps fund anti-US regimes in Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua. Chavez also has kept the Castro brothers afloat in Cuba with over $20 billion of oil and financial transfers over the past five years.
The Chavez regime also intervenes in Central America and Mexico, supporting leftist governments and radical communist groups seeking to replace centrist or right-leaning governments in power.
If Washington were to interfere in the region like Chavez has done over the past decade, cries of alarm, outrage and condemnation would be heard from the Rio Grande (Bravo) to Tierra del Fuego. But only Colombia and El Salvador have officially objected to Chavez’s imperialist Bolivarian agenda.
But perhaps the greatest potential conflict between Caracas and Washington is Chavez’s ever-more overt support of terrorism in Latin America and the Middle East. The Bolivarian regime officially shelters in Venezuela members of the FARC, ELN, ETA, Hamas and Hezbollah.
Ahmadinejad hopes he can persuade other Arab states to join Iran in a grand alliance to stamp out Israel soon. Syria already is on board. The governments of Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia are not, but public opinion towards Israel in those countries is overwhelmingly hostile. Erasing Israel from the map is popular with most Arab Muslims.
It’s doubtful Ahmadinejad will get the unified Arab support he craves, but he can count on Chavez.


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