Homicidal Revolution

President Hugo Chavez accuses Israel of committing US-sponsored genocide in the Gaza strip. Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro visits a mosque in Caracas to declare his support for Hamas. The Bolivarian National Assembly observes a minute of silence for the innocent victims of the latest fighting in Israel. But none of these corrupt and criminal dirtbags waste a second’s thought on the horrendous slaughter of innocent Venezuelans during the decade Chavez has been in power.
Ultimas Noticias reports in its January 11 edition that the Cuerpo de Investigaciones Científicas, Penales y Criminalísticas (CICPC), Venezuela’s equivalent of the FBI or Scotland Yard, has registered officially a total of 101,141 homicides in Venezuela during the decade Chavez has been in power.
That’s 101,114 officially recognized homicides per year, 842 per month and one every hour. Someone is murdered in Venezuela every 60 minutes.
A couple of facts not included in the Ultimas Noticias story: (1) Some human rights NGO’s estimate the real number of homicides in Venezuela over the past decade totals closer to 120,000; (2) Only three percent – yes, only 3% – of all homicides are resolved judicially, meaning someone is arrested, tried, convicted and imprisoned.
CICPC says Venezuela’s most dangerous areas include Caracas (21,990 homicides during the past decade, or 21.72% of the total), followed by the states of Carabobo (11,501), Zulia (10,520), Miranda (10,232), Aragua (6,128), Bolivar ((5,627) and Anzoategui (5,137).
However, CICPC’s breakdown by state is misleading, since Miranda arguably forms part of the greater Caracas Metropolitan area. For example, the mega-barrio called Petare is in the city of Caracas, but it is also in the state of Miranda. In effect, the real number of murders committed in Caracas during Chavez’s decade-long rule totals, officially, 32,222 persons, of which at least 90% were poor Venezuelans – the people Chavez claims to be defending from the rapacious elites and imperialists.


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